Arrows | Grey Matter - Standard Sock Co
Arrows | Grey Matter - Standard Sock Co
Arrows | Grey Matter - Standard Sock Co
Arrows | Grey Matter - Standard Sock Co
Arrows | Grey Matter - Standard Sock Co
Arrows | Grey Matter - Standard Sock Co
Standard Socks

Arrows | Grey Matter

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It's been said that if you’re not sure where you’re going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else. Wherever you are going, take a step in the right direction in The Arrows.


  • Seamless toe 
  • Arch & Ankle Support 
  • Y-seam Heel
  • 85% Combed Cotton
  • 15% Spandex


  • Machine Wash at 40 °C / 104 °F.
  • Avoid Bleaching or Ironing the socks.
  • Your Standard Socks will last longer if you keep them out of the dryer.

*GST included in the price of all items
*These socks are from the original Standard Sock Collection and production. In 2017, Standard moved to a sustainable, purpose-focused product utilizing recycled materials. These socks are made from un-sustainable brushed cotton. When you have finished with these socks, send them back to us and we will send you a discount code for 50% off your next 5 pairs of socks for every pair you send back.

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About Us

Standard Socks was originally founded by 3 nomadic Australians who each called different cities home.  It now resides with us, on the Coal Coast of NSW, one hour south of Sydney, where it has begun its sustainability journey.

Standard combines our mutual passion for style, design, and adventure with quality sustainable apparel. With in-house design and production being in an environmentally aware, sustainably conscious factory in China.

About our socks

Months of research has gone into first sourcing the yarns that we want to work with, and then finding a factory that is able to work with them.  From Winter 2018 our socks will be made using sustainable yarns - Recover Uno recycled cotton, Recover Blue recycled cotton and recycled Polyester from RPET plastic bottles, Tencel, and Merino.

The stock currently available on our site (Summer 2017) is not made from the sustainable yarns that we will be using in the future.  So we will donate 50% of the sale of the socks to Common Goods, our sustainability partners, to help fund global environmental solutions.

All the features in our socks are there for a reason, the Ribbed Cuff creates a cuff that is comfortable and wont fall down easily. The Y-seam heel creates a box around your heel to eliminate pressure points. Arch and Ankle supports are essential in providing a fit that follow the contours of your feet, as well as providing added stability for your foot. The seamless toe is a no-brainer, it eliminated those pesky pressure points on your toes. 

We've carefully crafted these socks so you get a product of the highest quality possible.

Welcome to the family.